How to Fit a Nursing Bra:3 Mistakes Moms Make Bra Shopping

Becoming a mother makes you feel like a fish out of water as there are so many big changes in life? You must experience physical transformation, health, and body size. You are probably whirling in a bunch of unnamed chores.  You also have to spend a large amount of money on a long list of necessary new items for your new member such as milk, nappy, clothes and so on.

Especially with you, a new mom, the filled up milk breasts require you to buy front closure bras for seniors, wireless support bras for large breasts and best anti cellulite leggings. Nursing bras with special support functions will be your lifesaver if you can fit the bras and avoid the basic mistakes in bra shopping. Read more


How to Choose the Right Handbag for your Body Type? (all you need to know)

What I’m about to say is true in most cases. And I’m sure you would agree with me. Handbags don’t get placed under the microscope as much as a pair of denims. When it comes to handbags, if they look chic or are functional, the deal is done. Isn’t that correct when you search for the best handbags or purses for moms? In light of the matter, not many women know how to choose the right handbag for your body type. Read more


Teaching Kids To Sew: The Dos and the Don’ts That You Should Know

Teaching kids to sew with serger for beginners can help them become more creative and have better fine motor skills. This blog will show you the do and the don’t!

Are you thinking about teaching kids to sew? Great! It’s a good idea to help them get better fine motor skills as sewing requires them to use their hands and fingers carefully. Moreover, allowing your kids to sew with good-quality serger, long-arm quilting machine for beginners will also help them become more creative and concentrating. Read more


Sad Bellied Babies

Does your babe have what Lea frequently calls “a sad belly”? Sometimes it’s called colic, sometimes it’s called fussiness, and sometimes it’s just referred to as a gassy belly; no matter what it is called, it is a frustrating experience for parents and caregivers. We talk with people in the store frequently about their sad bellied babies and these are the tips we give over and over again (so often we’ve just created this page so those folks don’t have to try to remember everything we tell them when they are bleary-eyed-tired)…… Read more


Utilize Your Waist Trainers For The Best Outcome!

How to start to wear a waist trainer?How to start to wear a waist trainer?

Waist training is a great way to slim your waist, decrease back pain and improve posture. It’s considered one of the best postpartum panties that are a great weight loss tool for those who have difficulty following a restrictive diet.

Wearing it for the first time might feel uncomfortable and different. This is why beginners need to slowly ease themselves into wearing them over weeks or months and not just jump right in with no warning. Read more


Do you want to tend to the lovely-crazy-tender amazingness that is the ‘bino?


Send some love to HB if you ever thought “I don’t know what I would have done without the ‘bino” – we hear it over and over, and it never fails to make us grateful to have been a part of such an amazing business.

In this day and age of ease and expediency and convenience, the fact that a humble mama-owned parenting business is still alive and kicking is REALLY freakin’ amazing. Read more