People call balconette bras “balcony bras” because they look like balconiesPeople call balconette bras “balcony bras” because they look like balconies

There are various types of bras for women to pick. Depending on personal preferences, cases, ages, and more, some bras will be more appealing for different women. Still, in general, most ladies, especially those who are interested in bras for wide set breasts, will find balconette bras either sexy or at least comfy.

In this article, we are going to learn more about this bra, its design, cases to wear, and specific women who will love it!

What Is A Balconette Bra?

There are many bras women can choose from, from bras to wear in daily life, parties to the ones that fit certain events. Normally, women will choose the types of bras that fit mainly for two reasons: to wear on normal days and to show off the beauty of their bosom.

If you want to pick a bra that makes you feel comfortable to wear every day and showcase your own cleavage at the same time, a balconette bra is one of the ones to consider. These bras can fit many circumstances and add more confidence with a great appearance.

So, should you choose this bra for your casual meetings or the next formal event? When can you wear it and how to look as good as possible in balconette bras? The following part of this article will help you answer all of these questions!

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The Design Of The Balconette Bra – Bras for Wide-Set Breasts

Balconette bras have its name because it looks like a balcony. Therefore, some people also call it “balcony bra.”

This bra design is quite familiar to many (or most) women because it has been around for too long, and people have chosen it for many cases. If you are in a bra shop, you will often see people showcase their balcony-shaped innerwear.

While wearing these brands, your neckline will become sexier thanks to the bras’ shorter and near-revealing cups with the right height. The bras are also sexy and stylish, even when the design looks more “protective” compared to many other bras. The traps of them are also wider with strong underwires.

Let’s talk about the vibe. You can find balconette brands in any bra store, and the reason for this is that the design has been around since the 1930s. After that, women, including female celebrities, were in love with them and wore them often.

Women are still using them because they like them. They have been around for decades, so you can feel the vintage vibe when you wear them.

Yes, they do not look as modern as the newest design you see in magazines. Still, the vibe is appealing enough for many women, especially women who have passed their middle ages because these bras are also known as the most comfortable bras for seniorssports bra with built in padding or no wire front closure bras.

Balconette bras are loved by senior elderlyBalconette bras are loved by senior elderly

The Benefits Of A Balconette Bra

Before discussing the benefits of balcony bras, let’s clarify many people’s confusion about these bras and demi-cup ones. When demi-cups have moon-like curves, balconette bras have straighter and cleaner cuts right above the nipple line.

There are two things women look for in bras: how supportive they are and how good the bras make them look. Fortunately, balconette bras won these two games.

With the stable design, you can feel that balcony bras are pretty supportive when you wear them. You can do different activities with them and still feel protected.

When it comes to the look, these bras can nicely wrap your whole lace and can be a good option for a special date, a fun night with other girlfriends, and some event, also.

Women with wider shoulders will be a good fit for balconette brasWomen with wider shoulders will be a good fit for balconette bras

Women Who Will Love A Balconette Bra

With their special wider cups and straps, balconette bras are more suitable for women with wide-set breasts than others. This design will make them feel like their breasts are more supported and firmed. It is also a good choice for those who have broader shoulders.

Depending on your own shape, style, age, and size, balconette bras can be a good option or not. As every woman is unique, no bra might fit everyone’s personal taste and body silhouette.

For example, women with narrow-set breasts and small shoulders might feel uncomfortable and tight wearing these bras. So instead, these ladies can pick the better options for themselves like push-up, full-cup, or demi-cup bras because they will make them feel more comfortable and look better.

When to Wear a Balconette Bra

As we have said at the beginning, balconette bras are comfy and sexy to fit most of the circumstances, from daily life and dates to formal events. Once your silhouette is suitable for this style of bras, you will mostly find yourself wearing them in any case you want.

However, there are some cases that you should consider wearing them more. Here are some examples of the best outfit and jewelry that will be the best fit for this balcony-shaped innerwear:

  • Outfit with a wide neckline
  • Dresses or tops that have a square neckline
  • Outfit with boat neck design
  • Outfit with low-cut necklines or sweetheart necklines.
  • Formal dress for big parties and events.
  • Normal evening wear
  • Casual meetings with friends and close people.
  • Special days like honeymoon, wedding gowns, and romantic dates.


If you are searching for bras that fit all types of parties and normal life but still feel comfy for wide-set breasts, those with balcony shape can be a good go-to. With this blog, we are sure you will know when and where to wear these bras to look even more stunning and suitable.

Remember that there are no bras that can suit everyone’s silhouette, so ensure you have the type of body that will be a great fit for these bras. Like we had said, women with broader shoulders will look sexiest in these bras.

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