Send some love to HB if you ever thought “I don’t know what I would have done without the ‘bino” – we hear it over and over, and it never fails to make us grateful to have been a part of such an amazing business.

In this day and age of ease and expediency and convenience, the fact that a humble mama-owned parenting business is still alive and kicking is REALLY freakin’ amazing.

Folks still thank us regularly for opening Happy Bambino – but the reality has always been that though we sparked the business, it’s grown into something so much larger than us mamas. Happy Bambino – with the help of amazing babies, parents, families, and community members – has grown a rich life of it’s own.

And as mama-owners, with big kids who are only getting bigger (Ma’iingan who was 2 when we opened just started 8th grade, and Liam who was 9mo started 7th!), and other passions and commitments evolving, we’ve realized we are no longer the ideal folks to be tending to the lovely-crazy-tender amazingness that is the ‘bino.

We’ve made a lot of transitions over the years…. Adding in another owner. The move from Atwood to Monona Drive. Adding a classroom. Adding another classroom. Scaling back retail as our niche goes mainstream (we will always see that as a big fat win for the babies everywhere). And we’ve added classes for big kids and non-pregnant grown-up folk too.

And there are things that have stayed the same all this time. Mama-owned and run. Classes and groups. Breastfeeding Clinic.  Amazing staff. Passionate instructors. Knowledgeable facilitators. Breastfeeding supplies. Eco-Boutique.

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As we sat with our intentions and goals – personally and professionally – for the coming year, it became clear that another huge transition was in the air. Our lease at Lake Edge is up in the spring, which means that – in the commercial property world – Happy Bambino needs to sign a new lease this fall. And deep in our mama-guts, we knew it was time for a change.

It is time for this amazing business to have passionate and joyful tending by new owners.

It’s a pretty kick-butt biz – it’s served Madison’s parents for nearly 11 years, it holds its own as a small business, and there are SO.MANY.AMAZING.DIRECTIONS it can go.

So…….are you interested?

500 people served through the resource center each week

10k webpage views each month

35 classes and groups, with time/space to add 20-40 more

20 outside businesses/groups working with HB in the resource center

Please send an email, telling us a little about yourself, and a little about why you would be interested in buying the business. We are super excited to sit down and talk with serious prospective owners about the details of the business and the potentials for the future.

With love,
Alison, Carolynn, & Lea

PS – When we were discussing the timing of spreading the news, it seemed so appropriate that this news was being shared on Rosh Hashanah – the Jewish New Year.  We’ll be eating apples and honey today, thinking sweet wishes for the coming year.  L’Shana Tova!

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