What I’m about to say is true in most cases. And I’m sure you would agree with me. Handbags don’t get placed under the microscope as much as a pair of denims. When it comes to handbags, if they look chic or are functional, the deal is done. Isn’t that correct when you search for the best handbags or purses for moms? In light of the matter, not many women know how to choose the right handbag for your body type.

Handbags have the ability to flatter the natural shape of your body. Not like jeans though! But they can make or break your look. So how do you go about choosing a handbag that is proportional to your silhouette? At the same time, how to choose a handbag for everyday use? It’s time to find out!

Shape of Handbag vs Shape of Body

Do you wish to play down your body type? If yes, choose a handbag shape that isn’t the same as your body shape. Select the opposite is what I mean to say. For instance, if you’re thin and tall, go for something slouchy and rounded. It makes your body look curvy.

On the other hand, when curvy and short, the opposite of that is a rectangular and tall handbag. Or one that’s sleek and long, such as a clutch.

The general rule here is the rounder you are, the more framed the bag ought to be. Now, this doesn’t mean carrying a hard box for counterbalancing your womanish shape. Square or rectangular handbags designed using soft fabrics are perfect in that sense. So you can be curvy and petite and look great flaunting a big rectangular clutch type handbag as well.

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Different Types of Handbags

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What size purse should I carry? Before I get into discussing how to choose the right handbag for your body type, you should know this.

The most popular shapes of handbags:

Tote is an open bag equipped with handles or straps. More often than not, the best handbags for moms are totes.

Hobo bag is crescent-shaped. It’s a shoulder bag that is often slouchy and soft.

Duffle is also a shoulder bag, but the tall kind. And it features a wider top opening.

Field bag is yet another shoulder bag with a flap top. The closure consists of snaps, buckles, etc.

Clutch is a small bag you hold in your hand or tuck under your arm. It can be larger in size also.

Satchel is the traditional structured large handheld bag.

Baguette is a rounded and long shoulder bag.

Messenger bag is a soft and large shoulder bag with a long strap you wear across your body.

Cigar box is a boxy, hard, small bag.

Pouch is a small and soft bag.

Kelly bag is large and structured with hardware closures.

Crossbody bag is a mini version of the messenger bag.

Here’s a visual representation of the bags I’ve listed and more:

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How to Choose the Right Handbag for your Body Type

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  • Slim Body Type

If your body shape is slim, go for handbags that aren’t too wide, big, or oversized. Also steer clear from boxy styles that stand away from your body. Instead, pick designs that tend to conform to the natural silhouette of your body.

Many slim-figured women choose tote bags. So that’s a great option. Just make sure the tote isn’t very large in terms of size.

  • Curvy Body Type

Handbags for plus size or curvy women should not be round and slouchy. Select something that’s a lot more structured than that.

When plus size, you need to avoid small bags. Cause, obviously, their chances of making you look larger are higher. So buy a handbag that lays flatter to your body. Rather than picking fuller styles that might add more bulk in your thigh and hip areas.

  • Pear-Shaped Body Type

If you’re pear-shaped, then you carry more weight in your thighs and hips. Am I right? That means you should be looking for handbags outfitted with short straps. The bag should hang high up on your body.

The most suitable bags for pear-shaped body are those that don’t reach the hip. Particularly the ones that lack structure and aren’t slouchy.

  • Petite Body Type

It goes without saying that more width makes you look shorter. So when petite, keep enough distance from wide bags. In place of that, choose a vertically longer handbag. Such a design makes your torso look elongated.

But don’t forget that the bag shouldn’t be very long. It shouldn’t hang too low either.

And go for a shorter strap. Even stay away from oversized handbags as they too make you look shorter.


So now you understand how to choose the right handbag for your body type? Slim, curvy, pear-shaped, or petite; there’s a style for everyone.

But in the end, I would just like to say one thing. If you’ve found a handbag you love, simply use it. There might be more flattering bags than the one you picked. However, at the end of the day, what matters more is how you feel. If you enjoy that handbag of yours, there’s no reason for you to buy something else.



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