How Happy Bambino was born

”Parenting is one of the most important jobs there is. The way children are raised shapes the next generation of our society. Joyful parenting requires education, support, and community.”

Both Lea and I were struck by the challenges involved in locating the quality products and great resources we needed as first-time mamas.  We were introduced to each other through a mutual friend (thanks, Laurie!) who heard each of us talk about how much easier pregnancy and parenting would be “if only…”.

Together, Lea and I dreamed of that perfect place – a unique blend of quality pregnancy and parenting resources, safe, green, locally-made products and the caring, hands-on support we wanted for our new families – from pre-conception through birth and beyond.

We pulled from our personal experiences, our resources, and a wide network of parent-child advocates, educators, and professionals in our community to make Happy Bambino a reality. Nine months later, Happy Bambino opened.

Four years and three children later…

Lea and I meet Carolynn, native New Yorker and blues-singing mama, through the Cuddlebugs & Nightcrawlers parenting groups at the Happy Bambino Resource Center.  In 2009, Carolynn and husband Tom joined the Happy Bambino family as co-owners.  As our buyer, Carolynn brings with her a flair for finding some of the best pregnancy and parenting products around as well as her own brand of East Coast spunk.

Our Vision: Happier families through parental empowerment and community support.

Our mission is to provide a trusted source of information, adult interaction in a supportive community and access to smart, quality resources for pregnancy, birth and parenting.

We believe when these basic needs are met, the parent-child relationship can grow and strengthen.  Babies and children feel secure when they have strong bonds with their caregivers; the whole family is happier when children feel secure.

We hope you enjoy Happy Bambino’s boutique and Resource Center!  Please email us with your questions, suggestions and concerns.

With Much Love to You & Your Family –

Alison, Lea and Carolynn

[email protected]